Crash Data Recovery FL LLC has Event Data Recorder (EDR) Certified Technicians available to recover data from most passenger vehicles in the state of Florida.

Crash Data Recovery FL LLC utilizes the latest equipment and skills to provide quick and cost-effective Event Data Recorder Reports (EDR Reports) from a vehicle's Black Box data. Crash Data Recovery FL LLC strives to be at the forefront of the latest technology in our industry.

We constantly update our equipment and software to ensure up-to-date data translations. All our technicians are Event Data Recorder (EDR) Certified and have completed the latest download certifications. All Crash Data Recovery FL LLC technicians cover Event Data Recorder (EDR) imaging and essential photo documentation throughout Florida. Our tools cover all common Bosch-supported vehicles. Our Certified Technicians are experienced in gaining access to severely damaged vehicles and will use all the tools possible to complete the assignments we are given.

Most passenger vehicles returning to the 1994 model year can store crash data in their Event Data Recorder (EDR) or vehicle Black Box. If we cannot recover data from your specific vehicle, we will contact you immediately upon receiving the job assignment request.