Extracting black box data requires a forensic download of the Event Data Recorder (EDR) or Electronic Control Module (ECM) to ensure the data is downloaded entirely and without error. CDR Certified Technicians must download the “images” according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and if not promptly downloaded, they may be lost. Analyzing the data is also a specialized skill.

Privacy experts have expressed concern over releasing such data, which can be used in court cases to prove fault in an accident. In addition, states have different laws governing the release of this data.

At Crash Data Recovery FL LLC, we believe in protecting the privacy of our clients. Therefore, we will always obtain written consent or legal documentation before performing CDR imaging of a vehicle.

According to NHTSA, captured data is the property of the vehicle owner. Therefore, written consent or a court order is needed.
But even on vehicles where authorization has been given to the technician to download the data, special tools and training are required to access it.

EDR information can be robust evidence in a motor vehicle accident where liability someone’s liability is in question. In addition, the data can often expose the chain of events in accidents involving multiple cars and trucks. View an example document. 

This data can and is used in both criminal and civil cases.

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